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AAAE Security SmartBrief February 10, 2012

April 11, 2012

30,000-Foot View

U.K. tests scanner capable of screening larger amounts of liquids 
A new scanner could eventually allow travelers to carry larger amounts of liquids through airport security. The U.K. government is supporting the development of the scanner, which uses laser technology to scan bottles of liquids for hazardous substances. It is now being tested at several U.K. airports. Info4Security (2/10)

Security Update

Passenger blames missed flight on lack of female screeners 
A female traveler departing from a small airport in Wyoming said she was unable to board her flight because no female Transportation Security Administration agents were available to screen her. Jennifer Winning ended up missing her flight. In response, the Transportation Security Administration said Winning arrived at the screening station after the airline informed the TSA that its screening services were no longer needed. She was not screened because the airline was no longer accepting passengers, according to the TSA. KDVR-TV (Denver) (2/9)

Airport robbery raises security concerns 
A robbery at New Jersey’s Newark airport raises concerns about security. A June 2010 surveillance video recorded two masked men bursting into a management office at the airport. The men tied up the manager and stole $20,000. Investigators linked the robbery to an airport employee who gave his access code to two accomplices. WABC-TV (N.Y.) (2/9)

Trends & Technology

Luxurious airport lounges offer top-notch amenities 
Luxurious airport lounges around the world can ease the discomfort of traveling internationally. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in London features a roof garden, a spa and indoor observation deck. The Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt offers a cigar lounge, leather daybeds and limousine service. Forbes (2/8)

Airline News Spotlight

United Continental will switch to new computer system 
United Continental Holdings is preparing for a move in March to a new computer system. Other airlines have experienced difficulties after switching their computer systems; the company has taken precautions to handle the risk. “I’m confident this will go as planned, but … being prudent, we also have scenarios in case we have some unforeseen issues,” said Jeff Smisek, CEO of United. “We’ve been pretty thoughtful, careful and conservative in this.” Chicago Tribune (2/8)

Delta may shift more jobs to Atlanta 
Delta Air Lines is considering shifting 150 warehouse jobs from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Atlanta. The airline said the possible change is aimed at lowering costs. “In addition to looking at further improving processes and tools, it’s important that we also aggressively manage our costs to keep our competitive advantage,” said Theresa Keaveny, Delta’s managing director of materials and planning, in a memo to employees. Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) (2/9)

Column: Merger is best option for American Airlines 
Columnist Justin Lahart says AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines, probably will emerge from bankruptcy through a merger. Delta Air Lines and US Airways have expressed interest in acquiring the company, but Lahart says Delta is a better option. “Buying AMR would give Delta a huge hold on the New York market, a hub in Chicago and a strong Latin American network,” writes Lahart. The Wall Street Journal (2/9)

Policy & Regulatory

DOT: LightSquared plan “not compatible” with flight-safety devices 
Deputy Transportation Secretary John Porcari has told a House subcommittee that the government spent $2 million testing LightSquared’s proposed wireless network and confirmed that its “GPS receivers are too sensitive to filter out LightSquared’s powerful cell towers operating on nearby frequencies,” this feature says. Porcari also said the proposed network is “‘not compatible’ with flight-safety GPS devices used in commercial” aircraft. “This matter needs to be put to rest,” said Thomas Hendricks, senior vice president at A4A. Bloomberg (2/8) The Hill/Hillicon Valley blog (2/8)

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