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AAAE Security SmartBrief February 7, 2012

April 11, 2012



Security Update

TSA okays private screeners for Montana airport 
The Transportation Security Administration has decided to allow Montana’s West Yellowstone Airport to hire a private company to conduct passenger screening. The seasonal airport opens in the spring, and the TSA typically flew in six screeners to operate the checkpoint. The local screeners will cost half as much as the TSA screeners, according to a government report. Meanwhile, officials at other airports are also pushing for private screeners because they believe private screeners are more efficient and courteous. CNN (2/7)

Des Moines airport gets new scanners 
Iowa’s Des Moines airport today will start using scanners that display a generic outline of a human body and use millimeter-wave technology. The Transportation Security Administration has said that the energy level from the waves from the scanners is far lower than the energy levels from cell phones. Meanwhile, some observers continue to maintain that the scanners violate passengers’ privacy. The Des Moines Register (Iowa) (2/7)


Trends & Technology

Report: Europe received 19% of U.S. international travel 
U.S. travel to overseas markets accounted for 46% of all U.S. outbound international travel in the first 11 months of 2011, with 24.7 million travelers, according to statistics gathered by the Department of Commerce using an improved tallying system. The European market received the largest share of outbound U.S. travel, with 10.1 million U.S. visitors, followed by the Caribbean with 5.5 million. Overall, U.S. travel to overseas markets rose 3% in the fourth quarter of 2011, compared with figures in 2010. TravelPulse (2/6)

Leg room the top priority for business travelers, survey finds 
Extra leg room and an Internet connection are most important to business travelers, a new survey says. But a significant number of responders expressed a yearning for less practical perks, such as champagne and a movie. “It’s understandable to see high demand for Wi-Fi and more leg room, but also interesting to see strong demand for a bar or showers on a jumbo jet,” said airline writer Dave Richardson. (U.K.) (2/6)

U.S. airlines could soar to profit in 2012, report says 
Airlines could be more profitable in 2012 as they keep a close eye on capacity, the “Global Airline Outlook 2012” report shows. “This demonstrates a shift in focus from market share to profitability,” analyst James Parker writes in the report. (U.K.) (2/3)



Policy & Regulatory

Global Entry trusted traveler program becomes permanent 
A new rule published by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Monday will allow air passengers arriving in the United States to move more quickly through customs and immigration inspections. The rule will allow more travelers to provide their fingerprints at kiosks to expedite their arrival. “Global Entry expedites the customs and security process for trusted air travelers through biometric verification, while helping DHS ensure the safety of all airline passengers,” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said. “Making Global Entry permanent will improve customer service at airports across the country and enable law enforcement to focus on higher-risk travelers.” Homeland Security Today (2/7)

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