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AAE Security SmartBrief January 26, 2012

April 11, 2012

Airport releases video of lawmaker stopped at security 
The Nashville International Airport this week released a video of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., that showed the lawmaker refusing a pat-down. Although the police report described him as “irate,” the video showed Paul sitting and standing in a glass cubicle and making a few phone calls. Paul re-booked his flight and successfully passed through security later. The incident prompted his father, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, a presidential candidate, to call for abolishing the TSA. The Tennessean (Nashville) (1/25)

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Security Update

Travelers at Maine airport prefer new scanners, TSA says 
Travelers passing through Maine’s Bangor International Airport reacted positively to new security scanners. “Passengers largely are very excited about the machines because they’re quick, efficient and less intrusive, particularly for people who have had things like hip and knee replacements, which do not show up on these scans,” said Ann Davis, Northeast region public affairs manager for the Transportation Security Administration. “Most passengers, given a choice, prefer the new scanning option to the rate of about 90%.” Bangor Daily News (Maine) (free registration) (1/25)

Texas airport gets new screening systems 
The airport in Lubbock, Texas, this week received new screening systems that use electromagnetic energy. The machines will produce only a generic image of travelers. Passengers who do not want to go through the scanner will still receive a pat-down, officials said. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas) (1/26)

Trends & Technology

U.S. carriers look to increase fuel efficiency 
U.S. carriers long tried to increase fuel efficiency before the European Union’s emissions-trading scheme went into effect this month. “Fuel is the largest cost for any airline,” said Steve Lott, spokesman for Airlines for America. “There is a huge incentive for airlines to reduce their fuel burn and become more efficient.” The Washington Times (1/23)

Southwest will begin new routes from Atlanta airport 
Southwest Airlines will add routes from Atlanta to Norfolk, Va., and Louisville, Ky., in August. The routes will include three daily nonstop flights to each city from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (1/23)

Policy & Regulatory

Opinion: U.S. should improve visa process to boost tourism 
Edward Alden and Liam Schwartz offer ways to make the U.S. visa process more efficient and safe in this Wall Street Journal column. They suggest the U.S. use computerized risk sorting to identify high-risk travelers. “After this initial screening, low-risk travelers — the vast majority of visa applicants — would be processed quickly, freeing up consular officers for vetting higher-risk travelers. The result would be a system that better protects security while welcoming millions of people to boost the U.S. economy. Indeed, pilot projects of similar screening systems have resulted in fewer false positives, while still identifying all the threats captured under the existing procedures, as well as some that were missed,” they write. The Wall Street Journal (1/25)

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