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NTSB to investigate most recent plane crash in Lincoln Park

April 18, 2012

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) today confirmed it has launched an investigation into Sunday afternoon’s crash of a 2005 Tiger aircraft at the Lincoln Park Airport.

According to borough police, both pilot Russell Filbey, 58, of Edinburg, N.Y., and his passenger managed to “walk away” from the accident, which occurred 3:30 p.m. at Lincoln Park Airport, and were examined at the scene by the Lincoln Park Volunteer First Aid Squad.

However, the single-engine aircraft still sustained extensive damage and consequently this falls under the investigative jurisdiction of the NTSB, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, which first examined details of the crash.

FAA Spokesman Jim Peters reported that the Tiger AG5B aircraft crashed into trees while trying to land at the airport on Beaverbrook Road.

A press release from the Lincoln Park Police stated that officers determined that “the aircraft was approaching the runway from the north and upon touching down it bounced causing it to spin.”

It also states that “the pilot was not able to gain control of the aircraft and ultimately crashed into the adjacent trees. The aircraft came to rest within the elevated branches of the trees and remained off the ground.”

Members of the Lincoln Park Volunteer Fire Departments assisted at the scene.

This is the second crash in recent weeks at the airport. A Cessna 210 crashed on Sunday, April 1 with no injuries and the dollar amount of damage to the aircraft was not deemed significant enough to warrant a NTSB investigation. The FAA classified this as not an accident, but an incident based on damage.

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