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Do you manage Millennials?

October 19, 2012
Smart managers know how to manage the Millennial Generation

Dear Manager/HR Professional/Business Owner:

Now, more than ever, the smart manager is learning how to recruit and manage the BEST of the Millennial Generation – and is learning to take advantage of this generation’s ideas, beliefs, and culture.

In our newest, 75-minute CD, “How to Recruit and Manage the Millennial Generation“, you’ll
learn – from an experienced, front-line manager at Oxygen network and NBC – the specific techniques that smart managers must know when managing Millennials.

Part I: Recruiting the Best and the Brightest

In this 75-minute CD, How to Recruit and Manage the Millennial Generation, you’ll first get a complete overview on how to recruit the BEST of the Millennial Generation – and the exact, specific, strategies you can use when hosting job fairs or interviewing prospective employees.

Part II: How to Create a Management Plan for Millennials

You’ll get specific, ready-to-use, techniques – and will be able to implement the majority of these techniques immediately. Remember: When managing the Millennial Generation, you must have a game-plan before they walk through the door.

Part III: Learn How to Manage Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials

You’re going to experience conflicts between generations – this can’t be avoided – but if you
understand a bit about each generation, and what they think, you’ll learn to successfully manage
these occasional rifts.

So please consider taking advantage of our newest CD, “How to Recruit and Manage the Millennial Generation” – which comes complete with a PowerPoint Presentation and downloadable notes.

Get specific techniques you can use immediately when managing Millennials

You’ll get specific techniques that will help you become a better manager. Why? Because the Millennial Generation is soon to become the next generation of American workers – and the more you understand their culture, habits, beliefs, and ideas, the better you’ll be able to manage and lead them.

All the best,

Brian Ragan
Managing Director
Subsidiary of Ragan Communications, Inc.

P.S. Remember, you’re going to get an expert’s advice on what works and what doesn’t work when managing the Millennial Generation – and you’ll learn why it’s in your best interest to understand the Millennial Generation, soon to outnumber previous generations in the workplace.

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