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did you tell them the truth?

October 22, 2012
Ragan's Never silence the truth.
Tell it like it is.

Dear Manager,

When managers ignore bad news – (like falling profits, pay-cuts, lay-offs, and more) – and act like nothing is wrong, it damages morale, motivation, productivity, and profits.

However, when managers learn to embrace a transparent workplace, they’ll soon discover the transforming power of honesty in the workplace.

Tell it like it is – and let your employees tell it like it is, too!

In our newest webinar, “How to create an honest, transparent, and productive workplace – And increase productivity, profits, and ideas” featuring Linda Dulye, president and founder of Dulye & Co., you’ll get specific techniques, methods, and ideas on transforming your department into a place where employees work hard – for you, themselves, and for each other!

In this live webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Confront bad news – and how to discuss it honestly and openly.
  • Collect real data about the barriers that stifle open communication.
  • Change your body language – and employees will know that you are tuned in and listening.

Please consider registering, right now, for this important, career-changing, webinar. When you learn these specific techniques, you’ll begin to feel comfortable being honest with your employees – they’ll appreciate it, respect it, and produce more because of it.

I’ll see you at the webinar!

Brian Ragan
Managing Director

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