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AAAE Security SmartBrief

March 28, 2013

TSA to allow wounded veterans to join PreCheck program
The Transportation Security Administration announced plans to expedite airport security screening for “wounded warriors.” Wounded or disabled veterans can sign up for the TSA PreCheck program, a privilege already extended to active-duty military personnel. CNN (3/28)

Security Update

Tenn. airport participates in TSA PreCheck
The Transportation Security Administration has launched its PreCheck program at the Memphis International Airport in Memphis, Tenn. PreCheck allows expedited security screening for select travelers and frequent fliers. By April 1, the TSA said, there will be 40 U.S. airports participating in PreCheck. The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tenn.) (free registration) (3/27)

Trends & Technology

AA-US Airways merger will not raise airfares, CEO says
Doug Parker, who will serve as CEO of the merged American Airlines-US Airways, said airfares will not rise after the merger. “What’s going to happen to prices? I don’t know,” he said. “This merger’s not going to have an impact.” CNBC (3/27)

US Airways allows passengers to track luggage
US Airways introduced passenger access to real-time baggage tracking on March 19. Passengers can type in a number from their baggage-claim ticket at the US Airways website or via a mobile application to find the location of luggage. “The baggage tracking feature is consistently one of the top used features within our app,” said Delta spokesman Paul Skrbec. The Philadelphia Inquirer (3/28)

Policy & Regulatory

FAA releases guidance for tower closures at 149 airports
The Federal Aviation Administration has issued guidance for closing 149 air-traffic control towers due to budget cuts from sequestration. The towers will be closed in three phases during April and May. “While we regret the need to cease FAA funding of these towers, we have worked to ensure that the airport environment remains safe as we make the transition,” the guidance said. NextGov (3/27)

Passenger rights exist, but are they enough?
Passengers do have rights in the event that a flight is delayed or canceled, though in recent years more of a push has been made to regulate tarmac delays and compensation for flight interruptions. “When people are paying a pretty good amount of money to fly, they ought to be given the service they paid for and they ought to be treated with respect and treated like adults,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. The Wall Street Journal (3/27)

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